My Favorite Podcasts


My Favorite Podcasts

Would you believe that I only just discovered podcasts? I mean I knew radio stations would put their little segments in one but I recently learned that there was a whole world of podcasts related to everything you could think of! Health, religion, politics, cooking, comedy and my favorite, true crime!

When I discovered all these different types of podcasts my world was completely changed! I can now listen to something I really want to can’t wait to hear!

Here are some of my favorite podcasts at the moment!

Serial : A true crime story told over the course of several weeks. I love true crime and they way this is put together is almost like having a book read to you about this story you don’t want to stop hearing!

The Heart : Real, touching, hard hitting, inspiring stories told by real people about life, love, sex and everything that comes with human intimacy. I would highly recommend the episode, Beauty is Pain.

Criminal : Short stories about crime, not headline crime but stories of people who committed crimes, had crimes committed against them or may have been caught in the middle.

The Read : For gab and jokes about pop culture I turn to Kid Fury and Crissle, two friends who are are recent transplants to New York city. It’s like E News but with no filter! Kid and Crissle also talk about adjusting to life in the big city.

Do you have any favorites?