My 2016 Goals


My 2016 Goals

The last week of December, woah! I know everyone says it but honestly this year just flew by! I mean when I think about things I did over this past year I feel like it was just a few months ago that it happened. Crazy!

Speaking of thinking back, last year I rounded up some goals I wanted to accomplish in 2015 and well, I thought I would do the same this year. But I also thought it would be fun to check in on my 2015 goals!

So did I accomplish what I wanted in 2015?

Be Active: I was on and off with this but as of late I have been really on! Gym twice a week, running twice a week and I’m even joining a soccer league in January! Summer beach bod here I come!!

Expand My Palate: I can’t say that I stepped too much out of my comfort zone but I have ordered something other than chicken at some restaurants! Lol!

Bake: I sadly did not do any! Not even Christmas cookies which is what I really wanted to do.

Get Organized: I’m still working on this as far as my makeup/work space is concerned but I was able to get a good blogging schedule in place, I’m now scheduling Twitter posts and doing my best to stay on top of my life outside of blogging.

Read: I’ve just not been much of a reader but what I did discover in 2015 were Podcasts! I have listened to many informative podcast this year so it’s kinda like reading right?!

Be Creative: I didn’t do exactly what I wanted which was go to a painting class but I’ve gotten a bit more creative when it comes to my makeup. I’ve done a few looks that were not the norm for me and I’m proud of that!

Expand My Photography: Of course there is always room for improvement and I want to learn so much more but as it stands right now, I am pleased with my currant level of photography skills!

Keep Blogging: 2015 was a test for me! I was really struggling with whether or not I could actually keep blogging. Life, work and real world stuff was all pilling up on me and there were times I thought about giving it up. But I’m glad I stuck with it!

Here’s what I have in store for 2016?

Focus more on my skincare

Dip into my palette stash more often

Eat healthier/Try vegetarian food

Get back into yoga & meditation

Do something different with my hair

Give Back! Animal shelters, the community, etc.

Revamp my blog!

Get a newsletter together!

What are your 2016 Goals?

  • Jessica Wilby

    Ooo trying vegetarian food will definitely help you expand your palate. We tend to use plenty of spices and herbs to liven up dishes :)!

    All the best for 2016!


    • Leticia | Thee Limited Edition

      Awesome!! I’ve seen SO many shows and recipes that make vegetarian food look amazing! It’s a must try this year!

      Hope you have an awesome 2016 :)

  • Kyah

    My goals are mostly all of yours as well! I really need to expand my palate as well as I really need to stop ordering or even having a “usual”!

    Kyah /

    • Leticia | Thee Limited Edition

      YES! I totally have a usual!! I need to break that habit as well!! :)

  • Kyah

    My goals are mostly all of yours as well! I really need to expand my palate as well as I really need to stop ordering or even having a “usual”!

    Kyah /