Pinspiration – Tips To Recreating An Outfit


I don’t talk much about Pinterst but I’m obsessed with it! Check me out if you like!

I don’t have pretty well put together boards or anything, I just pin whatever, holidays stuff, food, DIY’s but most of the time it’s fashion. I get so much pinspiration from the thousands of cute outfits I see and often times I try my best to try and recreate them.

So today I thought I would share a few tips to recreating an outfit. These are tips that I put to use when I find an outfit that gives me major pinspiration.

One Piece Swimsuit Favorites


With next weeks forecast showing temps of nearly 100 it’s pretty damn official up in here! Summer is on it’s way to town and there is no stopping it! I am really looking forward to Summer this year, but honestly I always am. I love everything about the Summer time, the fashion, the beauty the hair but mostly that fact that we can have pool parties in April!

For the past two weeks I have been browsing bathing suits trying to find the perfect one, last year I procrastinated (story of my life) and that resulted in me buying a swimsuit I didn’t really like because all the good ones were taken, but this year I want to be ready to go. I actually found myself more drawn to one piece swimsuits this year, maybe it’s that I’m getting older (32 is creepin) or maybe it’s because I’m not really bikini ready but nonetheless I found some one pieces that give those teeny bikini’s a run for their money. Bonus, they are all under $100 and would look great on anyone!

Summer Sunnies


When it comes to sunglasses, I’m pretty boring. Year after year I tend to stick to the same style, and there is nothing wrong with that, if it works then work it gurl!

But this year, I am dying to get my hands on some summer sunnies that really push me out of my comfort zone! Oversized, bright frames and lenses, ombre, they are all gonna be big this Spring and Summer so I rounded up a few I got my eye(s) on 😉

Also, you know I had to find me some affordable options!


I totally remember rocking my flared jeans back in the day, I thought I was so cool! I was actually really reluctant to let them go when the skinny jean trend hit but they are back! During the Spring Fashion Week shows designers like Diane Von Frustenberg , Derek Lam and Rebecca Taylor incorporated not just the look of flares, but also some of that 70’s style to go along with them. It was beautiful!

Since I loved love my flares, I am probably the most excited that they have come back. I am especially excited that they are here for the Spring and Summer, mostly because beach waves, cami’s and tee’s pair perfectly with them!

Here are a few pieces of flare I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet!

The T-Shirt Dress


Once Spring and Summer hit I live in t-shirts, I mean let’s be honest, I pretty much do all year long anyway but the Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons where rocking a t-shirt is totally appropriate attire every single day! So this year I am ecstatic that shirt/t-shirt dresses are going to be big!