Ah, Fall is here…well technically anyway. 107 degrees today, womp womp…

BUT, I am not letting that kill my mood!

It’s officially my favorite Fall month and I thought what better way to celebrate than by sharing my favorite fall nail colors for 2015! This year colors are bit different that previous years picks but I am looking forward to wearing these colors to death !

I love a good glitter nail polish! I don’t care if it takes 25 cotton rounds to remove, I will never give up my glitter ail polishes!

My favorite time to wear glitter nail polish is when Fall comes around, I pretty much add glitter to any dark polish I wear. I think it’s mostly because I don’t really like the look of  plain dark color on my nails so adding glitter for me is like that little pop of color I think they need.

So today I’m gonna show you how I acheieved this super easy gradient glitter manicure that I will most likely be rocking with all my Fall and Winter nail colors.

Summer To Fall Nail Color


I am feeling all kinda feels about Fall this year! I’m usually more of a Summer girl but I don’t know, something about this Summer just didn’t really feel Summer.

How many times can I say Summer? LOL!

We may not have Fall weather for a few months but come September 23rd, Fall will be in full effect around these parts. But before that, the one thing I LOVE to do every year is find the perfect Summer to Fall nail color, something that still adds a little pop of color but

So, I shopped my stash and I found this years Summer to Fall Nail Color!


I love the brights when it comes to summer nail colors, I actually talked about some of my favorite summer colors a few months ago. But lately I have been on a nude nail polish kick!

When it comes to nude nails I’m kinda of all over the place, I like the pinks, the peaches the mauve’s, the browns. Basically if it’s some kind of nude nail polish, sign me up!

These are just a few of my favorites!

When I was a teenager I was an obsessive nail biter! My nails always looked horrendous and I hated it but I just couldn’t stop! On top of that, I had never even heard of things like cuticle care so just imagine the worst!

It wasn’t till I started to explore the world of beauty that I discovered nail care, but being a 15 year old girl who was only working part time I also realized how pricey some of these things were, so back then I made do with just hand cream. But now that I’m all grown up with a real job I take much better care of my nails.