Festive Finger Tips


I am all about the glitter nail polish pretty much year round, so when the holiday’s come, it’s glitter all day erry day! Lol!

For these festive finger tips, I wanted to use colors that weren’t the traditional red and gold or silver. I do love those color combos, but I just wanted to do something a little different. :)

Glass Nails


A HUGE nail art trend coming out of Korea is glass nails! Not real glass but the look of glass 😉

This awesome and really easy to create nail art was devolved by manicurist Eun Kyung Park , she started posting manicures like this to her Instagram and well, the nail art junkies wet crazy!! Me included!!

As soon as I seen pictures of these manicure I was on a mission to recreate one!

A while back I wrote a post about mixing lip colors to create new ones and you guys loved it! So I thought I would share another way I use this “technique” to create new nail colors! I do this pretty often actually!

I have tons of nail polish colors but sometimes I just like to experiment, and that is how I created this color!


The other day I was at Walgreen’s and I was “browsing” the makeup isle (of course I bought makeup, there is no such thing as browsing makeup) and this color really intrigued me.

I knew I didn’t have anything like it in my collection of 5 million nail polishes so I just had to have it!


You GUUUUYYSSSS!! Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday ever!!

Really though, we go all out with decorations, dress up, have a party, pass out candy! It’s also mine and the bf’s anniversary so all the more reason to celebrate :)

I’ve been in Halloween mode since October 1st but I thought I would hold back…until today. So let’s get into this Halloween nail art!