August Playlist


Can you believe it already going to be September?

This month has been pretty productive! Even though at the beginning of the month I was experiencing some writers block and felt pretty unmotivated I got myself outta of the funk and got to work! Lately I have been feeling like I’m moving in a good direction when it comes to blogging, I am feeling a lot better about things and appreciating how far I have come.

Hope you guys have an awesome Monday! If you need a jam session check out my !

July Playlist


This month is a little different, we signed up for Apple Music (#fancy) and we freaking love it!! Serious, unlimited access to all kinds of music, unlimited skips, no ads and it’s only $14 a month! Wha??!! We are on a three month trial but we are definitely keeping it!

I have been jamming out to some old and new loves and repeating the heck out of songs! So this months playlist includes some songs that I have recently been loving (Jessie J, Sweet Talker) and songs that I loved and still love from when I was just 17 years old!

June Playlist


This month I was really into love type songs! I don’t know but songs like these are so damn good and totally relatable am I right?!! I also found some jams that are perfect for pool side hanging and thanks to twitter an artist by the name of Shawn Mendes who is Ah-mazing!!

Check out more in this months playlist!

April Playlist


I was really feeling country music this month! I couldn’t help it, there has just been some really awesome stuff released and I am loving it! I also love how some of the artists I have loved for years are still releasing hits! I’m looking at your Blake Shelton #hearteyeemoji But seriously, Blake Shelton released his first hit in 2001 and he’s still rocking it!

Check out this months playlist for some new Blake and more!

There is nothing I love more than a good ol Netflix binge, and I’ll tell you what, I have had plenty of them! No shame! Sometimes you just need a good tv session and Netflix is perfect, especially for those days when pj’s are your OOTD!

Most of the shows I watch or have watched have come from recommendations. We all know the struggle of trying to find something to watch on Netflix…So today I’m am sharing some of my favorites and hoping to inspire some binge watching in you!