January Playlist 2016


First, I apologize for my lack of posts as of late. I am considering adding some new/different content to the site and since I deemed 2016 the year of the blog, I really want to get it right!

This year I really want to take my blog to the next level when it comes to photography as I’ve not been too happy recently with the that! So I’ve been working on that!

But, in the mean time! Here is my January Playlist for you to jam out to while I get things in order!

Can you believe tomorrow will be 2016!? And actually is 2016 is some parts of the world already!

Tonight we are actually doing something! Like getting dressed going out actually doing something, lol! For the past five years we have not done anything on NYE but tonight we will be ringing  in the new year with friends, family, music and good times!

Are you going out or staying in tonight?

Either way, pop on this months playlist to groove while you get ready for the night! I hope you have an awesome time no matter what you got going on and I hope 2016 is your year!!

November Playlist


Happy Cyber Monday!!

Today is the day for online shoppers! I’m not much of an online shopper because I like to feel, smell and test everything before I buy it but I may see what’s out there. What do you have your eye on?

While your doing some major online shopping today, pop on this month playlist for a little background noise 😉

September Playlist


Fall weather is not here yet but that is not stopping me from embracing everything Fall!

I’ve already broke out the fall nail and lip colors, I’m shopping for pumpkin spice everything and even DIY’ed a little fall wreath for my front door (inset thumbs up emoji)!

But what’s really gotten me in the Fall mood is popping on my September Playlist, a collection of songs that set the tone just right for a cool night and a hot cup of tea while I work/blog/chill out.