When I was a teenager, I rocked brown lipstick like nobodies business! #rumrasin But years later when I looked at old pictures from my Jr. High School days I just couldn’t even with my makeup.

But ever since Kylie Jenner rocked out her signature 90’s lip/makeup look we all have been obsessed with it! Me included!

So today, I’m bringing you two brown lipstick shades I have fallen in love with and a quick and easy makeup look that works with both!

The Beauty Essentials


You now those products you have that you just can’t do without, not so much the brand but just the actual type of product itself that you have to have in your daily routine or else how do you even?

Well, these are mine, the beauty essentials that are truly a necessity in my everyday makeup bag.

As I mentioned in my post, I pretty much suck at winged liner. It’s just something I have never been good at and it’s not for lack of trying because believe me, I’ve tried!

But I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that winged liner is just something I’m won’t be able to do without little help. So….today I’m bringing you a little cheat I use to get foolproof winged liner!

When I see women going down the runway with graphic liner I think it looks SO cool! Also I envy those damn makeup artist who can actually do something like that because me doing just a little wing is like a production and it takes some serious concentration.

But, my horrible liner skills aside, I really wanted to try this trend because I think it’s such a fun way to add a little something extra to your look! Especially if you are going for a neutral kind of eye, which I did.

When it comes to pink lip colors I have about a million! It’s my second favorite lip color next to nude.

With summer winding down, I decided to round up my recent favorite pink lippy’s, we’ll call them my Summer to Fall lip colors. Since I talked all about my Summer to Fall nail color last week.