When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I’m a bit of a floozy! I don’t stick to anything, even if I love it I will still buy something completely different when the time comes. I think this all goes back to the idea that once your hair get’s “use” to something it will stop working, so I guess I just figure that if I switch it up all the time each product will work the way it’s supposed it.

I had been wanting to try the L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care shampoo and conditioners for quite sometime, I’ve heard a lot of good things and I had tried a in the past that I really liked so I grabbed these two because they sounded like they would be the best fit for my hair. My biggest hair concerns are that it looks dull, damaged, flat and dry, and the Total Repair Extreme line claims to instantly and over time repair the five visible stages of damage, split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness and dehydration without weighing hair down. Dream come true right?

Garnier De-Constructed Texture Tease


So you know all those gorgeous pictures of girls with effortless volume and perfectly texturized hair? Well, I do, but that is probably because it’s  the number one thing that I Goggle. I have a ton of hair but it’s pretty fine and most the time I never really know what to do with it or how to make it look like supermodel status. But…I think I found my Giselle in a bottle with the somewhat new Garnier De-Contructed Texture Tease Dry Touch Finish Spray .

I get so many questions about my hair, what I use, how I style it (post coming soon), so today I thought I would share the routine I use to tame my mane! Because some of us just don’t have mermaid hair, we gotta make it happen!

Lately my hair has been feeling a bit heavy and a bit more "dirty" sooner than before. Maybe it's the summer heat, all I know is that I wanted clean hair! I wanted something that would not only make my hair feel clean but also something that would not weigh my hair down in the process. Well, I think I found ...

Soooo, hair masks are all the rage and I've been wanting to try one but not wanting to sacrifice a pretty penny for something that I wasn't sure I was going to love. So I thought I'd go drugstore first because, hey saving money, and if I fell in love I would maybe consider something a little more spendy. So after ...