Last month Brittany did a post all about exposed bobby pins and I was so inspired by it that I thought I would try out a few variations of the trend.

This is such a fun way add a little something new to your everyday do! You like that rhyme? Lol! It’s also so effortless which I love, and there are tons of ways to style them!

Since I’m constantly heat styling my hair or sitting in the sun for 6 plus hours on a pool day, changing up my hair care routine in the summer is a must! While I try a bunch of different brands every year I’m always looking for products that will help fight against any kind of damage along with products that will hydrate and bring some life back into my hurr!

Today I’m sharing my summer hair care routine and two styling products that I love to use this time of year!


So I chopped my hair about 3 weeks ago and I am still completely in love with it! It definitely took some getting use to as I cut about 9 to 10 inches off but what took even more getting use to, was the styling. I have not had short hair in about 8 years so getting into the groove of styling took some time. But I got it down, so today I’m giving you a little tutorial on how I style these shorter locks!

Chopped: My New Hair


I am notorious for going way too long between hair cuts, the last time I went in for a cut it was Summer 2013… I think… don’t judge me. I just get really lazy cheap, let’s be honest. Women’s haircuts are espensive!

I love the Aveda concept salons, the products, the stylists, the salon it self, it’s just perfection, but that all comes with a price tag that gives me heart palpitations.

But I was so sick of my long boring everyday hair and I decided I needed a change! So I took to Pinterest for inspiration.

Taming The Mane: Tresemme Perfectly Undone


I’ve mentioned before how I’m kinda of a floozy when it comes to shampoo and that is still true, last week I was browsing Target, looking for some new hair stuff. Warm weather is here so give me all the beachy products!

I have wavy hair that holds a curl and doesn’t really get too dirty too quickly but I also have a lot of it so it’s really heavy and weighed down most of the time. So when I read about the Tresemme Perfectly Undone line and how it’s lightweight silicone free formula gives you effortlessly wavy hair, I knew I just had to try it out!