I’m pretty particular when it comes to makeup brushes, as I think most are, for me they have to have a certain feel and work a certain way. Once I find a brush that meets those qualities, it earns a permanent spot in my collection! Like.. forever! One of these brushes I have had for almost 13 years!

These are my everyday makeup brushes, the brushes I use without fail no matter what look I’m putting together!

PS. Most of these are pretty affordable!


As promised and a little late but oh wells, my 2015 Beauty Favorites!

If you’ve been about for a while you know that I don’t do monthly favorites and that’s because I don’t try enough things in a month and also because I usually will use something to death when I love it. Kinda like these products!

I made some pretty awesome discoveries/re-discoveries this year!

Stepping Up The Skincare Game


This year, one of my goals is to focus more on my skin! I really want to get my skin in the best shape it’s ever been in!

I have the typical skincare concerns, oily, large/clogged pores, uneven tone and texture, blackheads, dry patches, etc.. I know all exciting stuff you wanna hear about but as I’m getting older (33 this year) I know that I should really be on top on my skincare now more than ever.

Soft Holiday Glam


Can you even believe that Christmas is three days away!? I sure can’t! I also have not yet finished my Christmas shopping…

So with still a lot to do and the madness that is already the holidays, this year I want to keep the makeup simple! I decided on this soft holiday glam look with a bold red lip, it’s super quick and easy to achieve which is what I will need come the 24th of December!

Festive Finger Tips


I am all about the glitter nail polish pretty much year round, so when the holiday’s come, it’s glitter all day erry day! Lol!

For these festive finger tips, I wanted to use colors that weren’t the traditional red and gold or silver. I do love those color combos, but I just wanted to do something a little different. :)