Evening Skincare Routine


To kick off the new site I thought I would share with you a highly requested not just post but answer’s to questions I get pretty regularly, my skincare routine.

I have mentioned my skin type before but one more time, I’m oily combination. Oily t-zone with dry patches near my chin, I also have a really dry under eye area and large pores on my cheeks, not cute!

I’m a less is more kinda gal and once I find what works for me I try and stick to it because while my skin can handle a multitude of creams and cleansers, it has it’s moments where it’s really sensitive, so I try to keep the skincare to a minimum. I’m also a fan of drugstore, the highend stuff works great but just because a cleanser costs $80 doesn’t mean it has magic powers, a $7 cleanser works just as good.

To remove my makeup I skip the wipes because I’m just too hard on face with those so I love to use the Neutrogena Natural Fresh Cleanser + Makeup Remover , it does a great job of dissolving my makeup, even my waterproof mascara, it’s gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Now if you read my post you know that I am super guilty of using an exfoliator everyday and that yellow swirly looking stuff is actually Olay’s Fresh Effects Out of this Swirled Deep Pore Clean + Exfoliating Scrub , the label and l had a disagreement…This is a really really gentle exfoliator, it lathers really well and gets deep down to remove any leftover dirt and impurities, it also states that is reduces the appearance of pores. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference in my pores but I do love the way it makes my skin feel extra clean. To follow my cleansing I like to use the Sea Breeze Deep Clean Astringent , if you have combo to oily skin, an astringent is the way to go. An astringent gets really deep to clear out any gunk that may still be left behind, it also helps to control oil and helps with blackheads. Now because this particular astringent also has witch hazel, it  works as a toner too, it soothes and hydrates and restores the balance to your skin. I will say that it has a very strong scent that took some getting use to.

Alright, so I won’t lie, I was a slacker when when it came to eye cream but I had definitely started to notice the fine lines but mostly the dryness so I started using the Boots Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream , I love that it’s not heavy and absorbs really well. I have noticed my concealer applies much better since using  this cream. I am also really in love with the packaging, the tube has a long thin opening which allows you to squeeze out just what you need all while keeping things sanitary. Finally, my moisturizer, I have been using Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion for years! This moisturizer is actually the first ever product introduced by Olay! And since I don’t like to use anything too heavy on my face at night, this light non greasy formula is perfect! It absorbs quickly and adds tons of moisture when I need it most. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which I have definitely noticed over the years.

As I said, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to skincare, I have been using drugstore skincare for years and it has worked just fine. These are some great affordable options if you have the same skin type as me!

What are some of your skincare favorites?



  • http://www.beautywithcharm.com Alina

    Love the new site, looks amazing! Great skincare routine, sometimes keeping it more simple is the best way x

    Beauty with charm

    • Leticia

      Thanks Alina! :) I’m still working on a few things!

      Yes, I feel like you skin can really benefit from the product when there are less layers!

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