Bedside Beauty Bits



A while back I talked about my evening skincare routine and how even when I’m dead tired I do not skip it, well the buck does not stop there. I am also pretty diligent when it comes to my bedside “beauty” routine, plus why not get some skincare in while I sleep. Now, I don’t got all the fancy stuff or loads of products but this is what has worked for me and I cannot go without it! I also threw in a book that I have slowly been reading :)

Let’s get into the goods!

Let me just say that I have a thing about lotion on my hands, I’m weird and sometimes it just makes my hands feel dirty..Ya, I’m a weirdo! But, this hand cream is the best of the best. It leaves my hands so silky smooth, non-greasy and fully nourish when I wake up. Plus this scent, if you have never smelled this scent ( I don’t know how that could be possible), it’ amazing! It’s a nice light scent of vanilla, caramel and sugar cookies. Yum!

Nivea Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm: If you are looking for ultimate moisture this little $2.99 lip balm delivers! Enriched with Shea and Jojoba Oil, this leaves my lips like little soft pillows. I will say that it is a pretty thick formula so if you are not a fan of thick balm this may not be for you.

Curel Foot Therapy: Lotion on your dry feet/heels is not a sexy subject but someone has to talk about it! It happens to the best of us but one use of this cream and it’s gone. That is no exaggeration either, mine were really bad one year and I was looking for anything I could to make it better. I tired this and I swear by it now, I also recommend it to anyone that I can! It’s that good!

And now for my book, Adulting, How to become a grown up in 468 easy(ish) steps .  I’m not much of a book reader so when I found this book I knew it was just the one for me. It’s not a book you have to continually ready, it’s more like a funny list of tips, so it’s perfect for reading a few pages and then coming back to it when you feel like. Reading some of the steps really make me laugh because I am guilty of plenty, there is also some really great advice and awesome visuals that Kelly has gathered not only from her experience but from the experiences of those around her.

My favorite step is one that I was SO guilty of!

Step 10: Be okay with being alone

“Lunch, the bus stop, shopping, parties-all these situations and more, you should feel fine being alone in. Here is what you think others are thinking when they look at you:

  • Oh my God, that girl has no friends and no significant other. Wow. How has she made it through life this far without finding a single solitary person to care about her?

Here is what they are actually thinking:

  • I wonder if I remembered to turn off my hair straightener, where is Laura? She was supposed to be here by now, ugh, I hate PT Cruisers so much; how do people not understand that those cars look like giant ugly eggplants?…[other thoughts completely unrelated to you because no one notices or cares that you’re by yourself]…

You, meanwhile, will be with yourself the rest of you life, so you’d best learn to enjoy your own company. Look comfortable alone. You are not itchy, you are not fidgety, you are not looking around desperately for whoever will rescue you from the terrible fate of not being engaged in boring small talk. You’re fine .”

There are so many other great and funny real life tips in Kelly’s book, I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a chatty/casual read!

What do you keep by your bedside?