cranberry smokey eye

Hey guys!!  Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m Leticia, a 30(ish) something gal living the life out in Phoenix, AZ. Yes the temps reach 115 degrees and no it’s not that bad :) I actually really enjoy it!

The Limited Edition is a beauty and lifestyle blog that I started as way to share my love for all things beauty but over time this little space of mine has evolved into a blog that loves to showcase not only beauty but the beauty in all the things I love.

Thank you so much for reading and for wanting to know a little more about me. To learn even more, here are some fun little facts!


Leti, I didn’t get a weird one as a kid. Those was saved for my younger sisters! Lol!

Favorite Holiday:

Ooo, I was always a Halloween gal and I still am but I really love Christmas too!

Hidden Talents:

I’m actually a pretty good self-taught cake decorator!

Favorite Form of Exercise:

Running and yoga! I feel like they are both the best for your body

Favorite Movie:

I have three, Hocus Pocus, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing!

Bad Habit(s):

Procrastinating and picking at my nail polish!

Favorite Cereal:

Lucky Charms, I’m still a kid at heart!

Like Sports:

Are you ready for some football?!!! Go Cardinals! & Dolphins (random I know)

Favorite Potato Chip Flavor:

Lay’s Limon’! Seriously Obsessed!


Three rescues, Shelby, Hollidaye and Wally. All three are Pitbulls and professional snugglers!